I resent diets. They are all effective until you stop them – and then the patients gain all of their excess weight back and then some. Remember the Atkins, the South Beach, and the Dukan diets? All of your friends who have tried them have ultimately gained more than they have lost.  Here, in my Naples office, we take a different and holistic approach to your metabolism.   In 2016, I published a groundbreaking anti-diet book called ‘Diet Slave No More!’ available on Amazon Prime,Walmart.com, and Barnesandnoble.com.

After you have read the book , you are ready to contact me at my Naples office and sign up for a revolutionary program, which will help you to achieve and maintain your optimal weight. This program is not an overnight miracle.  Your results will take dedication and time. I will empower you with weight managing Mind-Body techniques, which can last a lifetime.

You do not have to be my patient to be in this program!  Everyone is welcome to join!