I resent diets. They are all effective until you stop them – and then the patients gain all of their excess weight back and then some. Remember the Atkins, the South Beach, and the Dukan diets? All of your friends who have tried them have ultimately gained more than they have lost.

Here, at Longevity Institute and Medispa, we take a different and holistic approach to your metabolism. After a thorough Mind-Body Assessment through holistic exam and questionnaires, I check the patient’s metabolic rate via the only FDA approved direct calorimetric measurement device. I create a customized mind-body program, in which you are asked to…eat to your heart’s content. Yes, you heard it right. You will eat to lose weight. But all of you will eat different things, different amounts, and will exercise differently – because we are all similar but different! And all the while, I work with your Mind-Body axis to incorporate new eating lifestyle into your daily routine. I use Hypnosis and Energy Medicine for that. To learn more about our Weight Loss feel free to call our office at 212-580-0900.