Life can get tricky at times, especially here in New York City. We are indisputably some of the hardest-working folk on the planet , especially if you combine the number of hours we spend at work and commuting to work. We also have to attend to our responsibilities as sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, friends and good neighbors, and perhaps as global citizens. With so much on our plate it is no wonder that we forget to tend to ourselves as we get overwhelmed and frustrated.

My role as a Life Coach is that of a “detective” who learns about your life’s dynamics from A to Z and helps organize your thought process and agenda in a way that makes you a happy and productive person, ready to tackle any obstacles. I have 18 years of experience as a medical doctor who has always invested herself in every patient. If I can make someone feel better about themselves it makes me feel complete. If I can help someone navigate their career path or tackle his or her marital discords I feel professionally fulfilled. We are all students of life every day until we leave this Earth. Therefore, Life Coaching, in my opinion, should not be a “let me teach you how to do this right” kind of experience for a client. Rather, it should be: “Let me reveal your unique strengths and talents, and even weaknesses, that you could choose to use to maximize your potential as a human being.”

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