Our body needs tender love and care no less than our favorite cars and boats. In fact, our body is our most luxurious possession by birth. Needless to say, the skin maintenance needs our daily attention. To protect our skin’s freshness and glow year after year, this very vital organ needs to be looked after in-depth. Still, after years of senseless lasers and painful chemical peels that left some of us looking like Beef Carpaccio, we feel like we have emerged with post-traumatic stress disorder. True, the scars, the discoloration marks, and the lifeless skin tone are difficult to hide and always serve as a sad reminder of the poor choices that we have once made. I am happy to announce that real help for you and me is finally here. And the results are unprecedented.

Longevity Institute Medical Spa is offering first ever, new generation of the 2B Bio-Beauty treatments and skin care products. This new revolutionary line defers the visible signs of skin aging naturally and pain-free. This 0% acid, 100% natural and purely Organic, 2B Bio- Peel gets rid of all the skin impurities in an innovative way. The age-related signs slip away. The skin is renewed. The complexion is glowing. In addition to the in spa treatments, and the well-formulated active ingredients of high technology, the 2B Bio-Beauty products match all modern expectations, whatever age, skin type, or environment.

The principle?
Unlike other peels, which only work on the surface, 2 B Bio-Peeling activates the exfoliation process from within. Using the 2B Bio-Beauty Protocol, our outstanding aestheticians treat aging wrinkles, pigmentation disorders, devitalized skin in smokers, acne tendency, enlarged pores, stretch marks, oily skin, and scars.

The Secret?
Just like our body has a natural propensity to get rid of any foreign body, the powerful engines in 2B formulations stimulate our skin naturally, to reject the dead cells that smother it.

For whom?
For men and women above the age of 30. As our biological clock starts ticking, we need to start investing into prevention of cutaneous aging, in order to retain the radiant complexion when we mature.

All year around. Recommended: one-month treatment consisting of 4 weekly sessions ideally performed twice per year.

The result?
Your skin is purified in-depth. Your dermal and cellular metabolism is revved. The wrinkles and fine lines are erased from within. Dilated pores are tightened, and pigmentation stains are faded. This is an immediate beauty flash treatment with an instant gratification as a bonus. Thanks to our experienced skin care professionals and manufacturer’s extensive training, we are confident in recommending this ultra-performing treatment program and guarantee most splendid results.

So, don’t procrastinate. We do not forget to water our plants. Our skin deserves the same level of commitment from us. It will thank us by being healthy and radiant. For more information, please call our office at 212-580-0900.