When we suffer from a particular mind-body disorder and go to a regular psychotherapist, we are tackling our issues on the conscious level. For example, if you are having panic attacks, you will go to the therapist or a psychiatrist and engage in talk therapy. This falls into one of the three most common branches of psychotherapy: cognitive, behavioral, or psychoanalysis. Unfortunately, with all of the above traditional kinds of talk therapy, you are conversing with a psychiatrist or a therapist on a conscious level which accounts for only 12% of the mind processing. The other 88% accounts for your behavior and emotions. This is located in the subconscious processing part of the brain. Hypnosis is an effective and time-tested tool for the doctor to access the client’s subconscious and start repairing it by removing the negative concepts and inputting positive ones.

Dr.Kogan is an experienced Master Hypnotherapist certified by the Union 472 Local and an active member of the American Hypnotherapy Association. We have successfully treated panic attacks, phobias and other anxiety disorders. Hypnosis has also been a great tool enabling us to improve the lives of many clients seeking to enhance their family dynamics in pre-marital family counseling and those already in an existing marital relationship that have reached the point of crisis.

Dr.Kogan recommends hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Pain Syndromes and Headache disorders. Hypnosis is also invaluable in smoking cessation and marijuana usage cessation, as well as a great adjunct therapy for alcoholism treatment. Hypnosis is a great motivational tool and has been used by Dr.Kogan very successfully for Life Coaching, Improving Athletic Performance and Enhancing the Art of Public Speaking. Dr.Kogan’s hypnosis sessions are a unique fusion of Kappasinian, Eriksonian, Meditative Visualization techniques and Yoga breathing techniques (pranayamas), all integrated by Dr.Kogan into her unique proprietary protocols.

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