svetlana 18 (1)It occurred to me shortly after graduating from medical school that we cannot just treat disease by the textbook recipe. This is why some people do all the supposed “right things” and still get sick, while others do all the inappropriate, supposedly “bad things” yet enjoy a healthy life. I have also marveled at how differently people respond to the same medication or treatment. Being a life-long learner I realized that my Western medicine education was not enough and started looking for the answers to these “mysteries” in many Eastern and Spiritual philosophies and healing systems. After a decade-long journey, I have fused the best of what East and West have to offer. I have arrived at my personal 21st century vision of what it means to be a holistic or integrative doctor.

In this practice, you will not be a part of some algorithm that leads to prescription medication, making you dependent on it. When you come to me for an integrative physical or with a physical or emotional problem that has been bothering you, I don’t just evaluate your organs or symptoms. To me, these are just physical expressions of the invisible problems of the mind-body disconnect. With the help of the detailed and customized Western, Ayurvedic, and Energy assessments, I try to get to know all of your layers, both visible and invisible. I will help you build a sound Mind-Body connection, where you, as a patient, receive a key to your well being that has been sitting in your pocket waiting to be pulled out. Together with you, my patient, I can devise a plan for your perfect health, given your life circumstances, strengths and weaknesses, job situation, and goals. You are then free to pick and choose from a variety of holistic, non-prescription options for the attainment of your unique, balanced, and healthy life.